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Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera

Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera

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Upgrade your home security with our Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera – the ultimate solution for peace of mind. This multifunctional camera combines cutting-edge technology with solar charging capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance of your property. It's the perfect choice for protecting your home and loved ones.


MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This smart camera goes beyond traditional surveillance. It offers a range of functions including motion detection, two-way audio communication, and real-time alerts. Stay connected and monitor your property from anywhere, anytime.

SOLAR CHARGING: Say goodbye to the hassle of constant battery changes or wired connections. The built-in solar panel efficiently charges the camera's battery using sunlight, ensuring continuous operation and reducing maintenance efforts.

REMOTE CONTROL: Take full control of your surveillance camera with the convenience of remote access. You can view live footage, adjust camera settings, and playback recorded videos from your smartphone or tablet.

IP66 WATERPROOF: Designed to withstand the elements, this camera is built with an IP66 waterproof rating. It can withstand rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

EASY INSTALLATION: Setting up is a breeze. Choose the perfect location, and mount the camera securely no professional assistance is required.

This state-of-the-art camera combines advanced technology with convenient features to offer everything you need to keep your property safe and secure.


Color: White

Rotating Viewing Angle: 320°

Power Supply: Solar + Battery

Charging Interface: USB

Waterproof Rating: IP66

Size: As Shown


1 * Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera

Or 1 * Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera (Includes 32G Memory Card)

Or 1 * Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera (Includes 64G Memory Card)

Or 1 * Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera (Includes 128G Memory Card)


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Smart Wireless Solar Surveillance Camera

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Coral P

I enjoy the cameras. Easy to set up and nice images and last a long time. Had some issues with solar and customer service was outstanding.


After downloading the application and setting the camera, you need to open the application and adjust the system. You can change the settings of their pick -up distance, and the factory settings are not the biggest distance. You can change the settings that they pick up between humans or all objects. If you don't want to record the entire camera view, you can easily set the area you want to record. If you only want to make a camera part -time job, you can set a timetable. Optional camera settings for alarms and spotlights, I have closed it. There are more optional settings.

Ruth G

Video, sound and night vision quality is very good. We bought solar models, but when the weather became very cold, we encountered a problem that could not charge a camera. We adjusted the solar panel and brought the camera into the house for 1 day. Everything was normal.


These cameras are great. They are used to use the box, and the effect is very good. When I open them, they are connecting to the bottom. The setting is simple and great. The video quality is great, but I am not sure of the battery. The two cameras were deliberately opened all night when they were removed from the box and they were not charged all night. After 24 hours, they turned on the red light. It seems that the red light indicates that the battery power is low. The next day they all charged well and worked well. I am still learning to use all functions.


Very impressed with the clarity of the cameras and the fact that these cameras have all the bells and whistles. First and foremost, not having to pay someone to monitor the system is a huge plus, secondly clarity of the picture is amazing.